Ognyanovo - spa resort

Ognyanovo village is on the right bank of the river Kanina at the foot of the Rhodope Dabrash hill. From the center of the remote Garmen is 4 kilometers north-west and the nearest town of Gotze Delchev - at 10 kilometers to the southwest. The climate is prehodnosredizemnomorski with summer minimum and winter maximum of rainfall (average annual rainfall amount of about 700 millimeters). . Ognyanovo end of the field has diatomit (kizelgur).

Half a mile north of the village in the region has Krayselsko group of seven mineral springs and drilling a well with a temperature of 35-39,5 ° C and low mineralization suitable for diseases of the locomotory system, neurological, gynecological and urological diseases. It was built profilaktorium "Ognyanovo - so-called Rural bathrooms. Per kilometer and a half northeast of the village in the riparian area has the second large group of mineral springs - Urban Gotsedelchevski or bathrooms. In 1963 was declared Ognenovo spa resort of local importance.

Ognyanovo - History

In the area southwest of Gramadeto Ognyanovo has traces of medieval settlements in the area Gradec were discovered from the Observation Tower.

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Ognyanovo today

The village has a town hall, post, film,
pharmacy, health service Nursery
and kindergartens, senior citizen club. Christian religions are shrift and Islamic. Patronal feast of the church "Assumption on August 15, a traditional fair is held, which continued two days of concerts and struggles. The village has a mosque.